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November 8, 2021

Robot arms are working the kitchen of your favorite restaurants, including Flippy 2 by Miso Robotics. Bridget Carey looks at the robot chefs cooking today β€” both at home and at fast food joints β€” and what’s next in having your meal prepared by robot.

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0:00 Introduction
0:25 Today's Real Helper Robots
1:25 Moley Robotic Kitchen
3:55 Samsung Bot Chef
5:02 Teaching a Robot to Chop an Onion
5:33 Flippy, the Burger-flipping Fry Cook
6:28 Meet Flippy 2
7:37 Picnic's Pizza Robot has Fans
9:18 Spyce Infinite Kitchen and Sweetgreen
9:56 Waiter Robot: Servi by Bear Robotics
10:42 Makr Shakr Bartender Robot
11:15 Will Robots Replace Humans?

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