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February 12, 2022

"Humans and AI tells stories of passionate people from all walks of life, who are using AI to transform the society and the world for the better.

Approximately 250 million people around the world have a visual impairment. Out of this 250 million, 50 million use a white cane to help with navigation. For years, there have been no changes to technological changes to the white cane. Until now. What happens when we infuse AI technology with white canes? Kürşat Ceylan first realized the need for an advanced white cane while traveling to New York City. While making his way through the airport, he was trying to hold onto his white cane, his smartphone, and his suitcase when he collided with a pole. The whole world was advancing, so why should people with visual impairments be left behind? He understood the difficulties that came with using a traditional white cane and wants to show people that having a vision impairment should not impede you from pursuing your dreams. So, Kürşat co-founded WeWALK, an organization that develops smart canes to help improve users’ safety, mobility, and independence. Learn more in the newest Humans and AI story.

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