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August 7, 2022

Learn how to photograph and edit dramatic summer light on iPhone, with tips on using Portrait mode, Depth Control, and Night mode from photographer Eddy Chen and Creative Pros Jahmyra and David.

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What You’ll Need:
iPhone 13

0:00 - Introduction
0:39 - Create a shared album
1:26 - Adjust exposure to capture afternoon shadows
1:50 - Push contrast to accentuate shadows
2:27 - Use the golden hour to take glowing portraits
2:58 - Switch to Portrait mode for better focus and Depth Control
3:15 - Dial up shadows and brightness to add drama to your portraits
4:07 - Capture electric scenes after dark with Night mode
4:55 - Play with contrast and black point to bring focus to the subject
6:07 - Share before and after photos with #ShotoniPhone
6:18 - Go further with #TodayatApple live sessions

Use iPhone camera tools to set up your shot:
Use Portrait mode on your iPhone:
Use Night mode on your iPhone:
Edit photos and videos on iPhone:

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