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August 29, 2021

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was a great phone launched at the wrong time. But a year later, with Samsung confirming there won't be a new Note in 2021, this phone has a lot more going for it. Not only is it significantly more affordable than before, but it still offers strong performance, great cameras and, of course, a built-in home for the S Pen.

0:00 Introduction
1:06 Durability and Case
1:53 Screen
2:46 Fingerprint Reader
3:10 Performance
3:47 S Pen
4:22 Camera
5:31 Video
6:07 Underrated Features
6:38 Battery
6:57 Phone Call Quality
7:20 Samsung Pay
7:55 Micro SD Expandable Storage
8:13 Conclusion

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