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December 22, 2021

Dear fans,

After making it through 2021 together, we all remember this past year for the same thing: the pandemic.

Now new skin is growing over those wounds left by the pandemic, and we’re finding unexpected value in the scars left behind. That’s the value we call “togetherness”. We were sick together. We worried together. We struggled together, and we found a way together. Even when we were far apart, we were closer than ever.

The team also thought hard about what we could do to share the value of “togetherness”. This short film is a small gift for the fans who have been with throughout the pandemic. You waited patiently and you supported. We may never meet face to face, but like the friends in this film, we still feel together. We know, more than anyone, what you expect from us, and we’re working harder than anyone to give you, the fans, the experiences you deserve. That’s the way of delivering on the promise of “togetherness”.

For all the fans out there who love gaming, we are preparing a small gift for you. We hope you have a warm and safe holiday and that you’ll unbox that little gift with in the New Year.

The Exynos team

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