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image  1 CNET - Bill Gates can't get enough of Wordle
September 2, 2022

Bill Gates can't get enough of Wordle. ⁠⁠On Tuesday, he pulled himself away from the online puzzle game to write about his "obsession" and what kinds of words he uses to start the game. Gates says he's kicked days off with a game of Wordle for several months now, and that after attempting the Wordle of the day, he moves on to spinoffs like Quordle and Octordle. ⁠⁠So how does Bill Gates approach a game of Wordle? According to the blog post, he likes "to start with a word that contains lots of vowels, like AUDIO or OUNCE. ADIEU is a good one too."⁠⁠Gates says he has to remind himself that vowels can be at the start or end of words. When he knows there are two vowels in the word, he likes to try them as the second and fourth letters.⁠⁠Tap the link in our bio to learn more about the billionaire's Wordle strategy. ⁠⁠#Wordle #BillGates #Puzzles #PuzzleGames
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