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March 11, 2022

This installment of #SetTheStage with Sony teams up with Sony Music artist The Kid LAROI to bring you an exclusive performance of STAY, powered by @Sony and inspired by your imagination.

Go behind the scenes with Kerwin Frost and join The Kid LAROI as he prepares backstage for a performance like no other. Find out how fans came together to co-create the performance, before seeing it all unfold live from the studio.
Your run of show (all times in PT) 👇
Let’s Go 🔥
Discover the set and feel the buzz of a live music video production as Kerwin Frost guides through the studio. Find out how you can #SetTheStageWithTheKidLaroi throughout the day.

Meet The Kid LAROI 🤝
Watch as The Kid LAROI prepares for his performance and gives the lowdown on his music, the day ahead, and Sony’s 360 Reality Audio. Watch out for a special four-legged guest too.

Art Reveal 🎨
Welcome to the Sony #SetTheStage Green Room. It’s time for a sneak peek at the lyric art submitted for The Kid LAROI’s performance. Your exclusive preview of the performance to come.

The Fit Check 👕
The Kid LAROI asked you earlier which outfit he should wear during his performance - he joins Kerwin Frost for a catch up about his wardrobe, as well as the big reveal.

Q&A With The Kid LAROI 🗣
We’re back in the green room with The Kid LAROI, where the singer will answer some of your questions.

Showtime 🎤
Sit back and enjoy The Kid LAROI’s exclusive live performance of STAY.

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