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August 17, 2021

Samsung Security Tech Forum 2021
August 17 (Tue.), 10:00 ~ 14:30 (KST, UTC+9)
#SSTF2021 #SamsungSecurityTechForum #Hackersplayground

00:01:59 Toward a safe & reliable experience
00:19:50 Security engineering and machine learning
00:49:44 Telephony gone the way of the internet?: Combating threats targeting voice communication
01:18:17 Break time
03:01:19 What affected the adoption of information tracking solutions during COVID-19
03:33:13 Challenges in automated vulnerability discovery through Fuzzing
04:04:10 Recent research at Samsung Research Security Team

For more information, visit the website:
#Samsung Research:

#sstf2021 #samsungsecuritytechforum #hackersplayground