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September 30, 2021

The Refrigeration system has played a significant role in bringing diversity to the diets by allowing people to store foods for longer periods. Today, foods travel many miles before they reach the dinner table, offering a new cultural experience with every bite.

What innovative changes were made in the history of refrigerators?

In the mid-19th century, an Australian compositor James Harrison developed the refrigeration system based on the evaporative property of ethers.
Harrison’s refrigerator became popular among breweries and meatpackers and led to a revolution in the global wholesale industry.

Today’s refrigerators consider not only functions but also design, evolving into a product that can be customized according to individual preferences for a better life.

Samsung Innovation Museum(S/I/M) guides you through the history of the refrigerator that brought innovative changes to people’s lives.

[00:10] Before the birth of the refrigerator
[00:31] James Harrison and ether
[01:00] Working principle of the refrigerator
[01:18] The impact of Harrison’s refrigerator on society
[02:10] Refrigerators through the years


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