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August 25, 2021

TVs have become the most significant medium of delivering hopes and messages and communicating with the world.

Since the invention of the TV, we enjoy the Olympic Games, dramas, and entertainment programs from the comfort of the homes.

Let’s rewind to the beginning of the TV.

John Baird, an English inventor, succeeded in developing the first mechanical TV, the ‘Televisor’. The Televisor successfully transmitted information through moving images instead of radio or print media.

Over time, TVs have continued to evolve to keep up with changing lifestyles.
From the early mechanical TVs to CRT TVs and LCD TVs, and to innovative smart TVs of today.

Samsung Innovation Museum(S/I/M) introduces you to the infinite possibilities of TVs.

[00:11] Before the birth of television
[00:24] John Baird's life
[00:53] Invention of the Televisor
[01:34] Working principle of the Televisor
[02:14] The impact of TV on society

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