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December 24, 2021

This video shows outstanding features of Pregius S global shutter technology for industrial image sensors. (Video created in 2019)
0:00 Opening

0:31 Key Features (in comparison with existing front-illuminated GS)

0:36 Back Illuminated structure/ Stacked structure (Pregius S: More receiving light and better array of metal wirings in smaller size)

0:46 Wider dynamic range (Pregius S: less flare in highlights)

0:54 High speed (Pregius S: shorter tact time)

1:05 Higher resolution/ smaller size (Pregius S: Reduced number of shootings for a large area)
ÔŚćWeb - Sony's Image Sensors for Industry -
Click here to see products lineup and technology information of Image Sensors with Pregius global shutter technology.

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