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image  1 One piece of baby gear that the whole parenting world seems to agree on is the NoseFrida
April 13, 2023

One piece of baby gear that the whole parenting world seems to agree on is the NoseFrida. It’s a plastic canister thing connected to a flexible tube with a mouthpiece at the other end. You use it to suck snot out of your baby’s nose with your own mouth. Sounds gross? Don’t worry, there’s a little foam filter in between your mouth and the bacteria-laden mucus. Cool!After a year and a half of laborious manual snot sucking, my husband and I finally broke down and bought an electric sucker. Frida makes one, but out of spite, I bought a different brand. It cost $40, arrived the next day, and immediately vaulted to the top of my essential baby gadgets list. It charges over USB-C, praise be, and it’s straightforward to assemble. There are three snot sucking power levels, and the highest is strong enough to get a decent amount of snot out of my kid’s nose. The thing even lights up and plays a little song, which is a nice little distraction in the moments before you start sucking snot. To be clear, my child still hates it. There is still much screaming and thrashing. But at least one of us is having an easier time, and it goes a lot faster without having to try and keep a stupid little plastic tube in place the whole time. It was a real godsend over the weekend when the baby came home from daycare with an especially snotty bug and spent most of Friday night waking up because his nose was so stuffy and then yelling about it. He was a wreck the next day, and so were we. With some productive snot sucking sessions on Saturday, everyone got a much more peaceful night of sleep. That, as my fellow new parents know, is worth just about any price. You can read more from Allison Johnson at the link in our bio.Photo by Allison Johnson
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