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August 30, 2021

Japanese below:

Sony designers used Sci-Fi prototyping to depict “Tokyo in 2050” in collaboration with science fiction writers.

With “2050,” “Tokyo,” and “romance” as keywords that define the overarching theme, Sony designers and science fiction writers held workshops to explore life, habitats, senses, and well-being in 2050—and their creative effort resulted in a series of design prototypes and short science fiction stories. Each design prototype presents an idea for a service or product that is relevant to the messaging of each theme.

Theme 3: SENSE, 2050
Animated film of the short science fiction story “Odd Romance”
Is it possible to engage in a romance that is independent of social institutions and even of one’s corporal presence? Satoru, who has been married to his wife Yuki for seven years, frequently goes out on dates with Tsubasa in search of such a romance. There is a particular place they visit on their rendezvous: a virtual restaurant where they wear masks that hide their faces while permitting them to savor the aroma of foods.

The film produced by Sony PCL Inc.

*The information listed here is all fiction. Nothing stated here has any connection with Sony products and services.

ONE DAY, 2050 / Sci-Fi Prototyping


テーマ3「SENSE, 2050」
肉体からも、社会制度からも切り離された恋愛──それは実現可能だろうか? 妻の由貴と結婚して7年目の慧は、そんなロマンスを追求するべく、つばさとデートを重ねる。ふたりが足繁く通うのは、顔の見えないマスクを身につけ、マスクから料理の匂いが提供されるヴァーチャルレストランだった。

映像制作:Sony PCL Inc.


ONE DAY, 2050 / Sci-Fi Prototyping

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