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March 18, 2022

There is a typographical error at 30:09. TAZH1-ES is wrong and TA-ZH1ES is correct.

【Japanese below: 日本語は下記に続きます】
Join at the Walkman🄬 engineers' interview event where they talk about the behind-the-scene story of NW-WM1ZM2 and NW-WM1AM2 based on the questions from customers.

Kazuhiro Sekine: Project Leader
Hiroaki Sato: Sound Engineer
Mai Takahashi: Facilitator (from Sony Store)

00:00 Opening
00:36 Introduction
04:36 Q1: What is the main difference from the previous models?
06:19 Q2: Are these models a smaller version of DMP-Z1?
07:21 Q3: What was the process for developing the new WM1M2 series?​​
08:29 Q4: Why and how did you adopt copper into chassis?
12:02 Q5: How does the difference in purity of copper affect to sound quality?
13:28 Q6: Which is the best, WM1ZM2 or WM1AM2?
15:19 Q7: Why is S-Master HX™ used repeatedly in Walkman models?
16:59 Q8: Are there any updates on a stronger power supply such as capacitors and crystal oscillators?​
21:18 Q9: How does KIMBER KABLEⓇ help in contributing to the uniqueness of the sound?​
23:30 Q10: How does solder containing gold contributes to the sound quality?​
26:42 Q11: Are there any updates on the headphones jack?​
28:25 Q12: Do you have any recommended combinations for the WM1M2 series and headphones?
29:49 Q13: Is it possible to connect TAZH1-ES from Signature series with the WM1M2 series?
30:45 Q14: What are the updates on the product design?
31:50 Q15: Why is the rear panel of the WM1M2 design curved out?
33:37 Q16: Is USB Type-C only used for charging? Is it possible to connect to a PC and use it as a USB DAC?
35:23 Q17: Is there any change in the charging time due to USB Type-C compatibility?
36:02 Q18: Will Android affect the sound quality and battery life of the product?
37:24 Q19: How is the sound quality in third-party music applications?
38:03 Q20: Will Android create noise and affect the listening experience?
39:19 Q21: Will Android consume the battery life, especially in idle mode?
42:03 Q22: Is it compatible with Hi-Res streaming services?
42:47 Q23: Are there any music or genres you use as references during the development process?
44:08 Q24: How long does aging take?
45:39 Engineers' message to customers
48:01 Closing


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