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August 27, 2022

Learn how to use Procreate to make an alter ego portrait on iPad with Apple Pencil. Get hands-on with brushes and layers in Procreate, guided by tips from artist Temi Coker and Creative Pro Anthony. Download Procreate from the App Store to get started. 

Get the Alter Ego Brush Pack and Color Palette for Procreate:
Join Apple Creatives for live sessions about Procreate and iPad:

What You’ll Need
Apple Pencil
Ego Brush Pack (optional)
Alter Ego Color Palette (optional)

0:00 - Introduction
1:21 - Import a photo into Procreate
1:36 - Cut out your photo with Freehand selection tool
1:57 - Adjust colors and gradients for dramatic effect
2:29 - Add a background color to provide contrast
2:38 - Experiment with brushes and layers to add depth and texture
3:56 - Use Clipping Masks to give layers texture
4:26 - Play with Adjustments for effects
4:41 - Add final touches with Apple Pencil
4:53 - Use the eraser to create clean details
5:52 - Export and share your alter ego
6:31 - Go further with #TodayatApple live sessions

How to take photos with your iPad camera:
How to use Apple Pencil with your iPad:

Learn, create, and be inspired at your Apple Store and online. Join free sessions to get hands-on and explore the latest from Apple.



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