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image  1 For meteorite hunters, Antarctica is a wonderland
February 1, 2023

For meteorite hunters, Antarctica is a wonderland. Dark rocks stand out against the pale, snowy landscape and the dry climate helps to preserve them. ⁠⁠A team of researchers went searching for meteorites there and discovered a rare prize: a jumbo meteorite weighing in an 16.7 pounds (7.6 kilograms).⁠⁠The meteorite was one of five collected by the researchers, who embarked on the trip in late December. It's estimated that around 45,000 meteorites have been found in Antarctica over the last century, but only about 100 of them have been the size of the 17-pounder or larger. ⁠⁠What do you think of this gigantic find? Tap the link in our bio to read more. ⁠⁠#Meteorite #Science #Antartica #Space
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