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image  1 CNET - Our Milky Way galaxy contains a lot of mysteries
January 18, 2023

Our Milky Way galaxy contains a lot of mysteries. One question astronomers have been puzzling over is: "Where are all the supernova remnants?" We may now have an answer, thanks to keen observations from a pair of radio telescopes in Australia.⁠⁠In a statement on Monday, Macquarie University described the newly released Milky Way view as "the most detailed radio image yet of our galaxy." A combined image from CSIRO's Askap and Parkes radio telescopes show bubbly looking supernova remnants that hadn't been spotted before. The image shows areas of star birth and the aftermath of stars' deaths. ⁠⁠Tap the link in our bio to read more. ⁠⁠#Space #Science #Supernova
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