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September 30, 2021

We talk through all of the announcements from Amazon's big fall event, including the Amazon Glow, the Astro bot and the Show 15.

Amazon's event was jam-packed as usual. We go over the price and details of each new piece of hardware, including a few fun surprises from Ring. We also talk about the upgrades to Alexa and the other under-the-surface upgrades that will help these new products shine.

0:00 Intro
0:58 Astro
2:55 Echo Show 15
5:05 Amazon Smart thermostat
5:55 Amazon Glow
7:53 Halo View
8:50 Ring Always Home
9:26 Ring Alarm Pro
9:38 Ring custom alerts
9:56 Ring virtual security guard
10:44 Everything else Ring and Blink
11:17 Alexa updates
11:35 Hey Disney
13:05 Local processing
13:40 Alexa Together
14:30 Wrapping it all up

See the products
Ring Always Home:
Amazon Thermostat:
Amazon Glow:
Show 15:
Halo View:

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